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Financial Analyst
Salary: $60K-$64K+35% bonus
Location: Knoxville, TN

Job Description:

  • 25% Preparation and analysis of customer and product line profitability reports. Review of actual spending compared to prior year and budget. Assure accuracy of income statement and general ledger for advertising, marketing, brand leadership administrative costs, trade spending, brokerage, and distribution allowances.
  • 25% Special Ad-hoc Projects for Brand Leadership as requested. Includes projected income statements, capital expenditures and rates of return on new products and line extensions.
  • 25% Facilitate the preparation of budgets and forecasts including gross sales projections, cash discounts, other returns, trade spending, distribution allowances, brand leadership administration, brokerage, advertising, and other marketing expenses. Analysis on projected spending to highlight significant changes in spending patterns.
  • 15%  Assist Baked, Culinary Solutions, and other product line teams in analysis of monthly and annual product line reviews by providing case volume, sales dollars, and expense analysis comparisons to prior year and budgets for aid in strategic product line decisions. Provide and prepare financial information for the annual sales meetings.
  • 10% Assist Food Service in analysis of sales volumes and dollars, and advertising and promotional expenses. Interface with Sales and MIS to ensure accuracy and reliability of product line and customer profitability reports, and to make appropriate changes to those reports based on the company’s strategic focus.


  • Bachelor’s Degree of Arts or Science
  • CPA or MBA preferred
  • 2-3 years with MBA, CPA, Master’s Degree
  • 3-4 years with Undergrad Degree

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