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Director Regulatory Affairs
Salary: $70K - $90K  Bonus: 25%
Location: Madison, WI
Travel:  domestic and international travel.  

Job Description:

  • Oversee domestic and international registration process
  • Act as liaison with EPA, PMRA (Canada), EU agencies, and other government regulatory bodies
  • Participate in industry groups such as: National Pest Management Association
  • Represent company at CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) - sub-committee, Rodenticide Working Group
  • Represent company on industry task forces to address additional data requirements for EPA’s Data-Call-Ins
  • Participate in select trade conferences in the interest of the company
  • Interact with R&D, marketing, and sales departments to establish priorities and move the registration process forward
  • Develop expertise in technical and regulatory aspects of the field served by the company and be prepared to support sales staff and customers
  • Supervise staff of two (Latin American Regulatory Manager and US Regulatory Manager)


  • PhD preferred.  
  • Must have experience with EPA, FIFRA, and European Biocidical Product Regulations.  
  • Experience submitting new products to EPA.

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